Witch Baby (orangepancakes) wrote in mondayconfess,
Witch Baby


I dropped my earring down the toilet today when I was about to flush.....there was serious consideration whether or not to fish it out, but seeing as I had nothing to get it out with and didn't feel like dipping my hand in pee on a Tuesday morning, I said goodbye to my $7 target earring. But still....I miss it and part of me kind of wishes I'd taken the plunge, closed my eyes and valiantly retrieved my earring. Of course then it would have just been saturated with urine, and I don't know how long you'd have to sanitize sometihg like that, but it's probably worth the $7 to just get a new pair. Besides that gives me an excuse to go to target and spend a bunch of money on crap I don't need. Goodbye Earring Goodbye!!! And I know it's not monday, but I think contemplating sticking your hand in a used toilet (even if by yourself) on a Tuesday morning is worthy of a monday confessional.
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