Witch Baby (orangepancakes) wrote in mondayconfess,
Witch Baby

too many babies

I'm considering yet again the possibility of grad school. Of course this time my intentions are not quite so noble, perhaps my thoughts are enveloped in a hazy fog of too many vodka tonics, but ultimately I have no desire to be an adult or participate in any adult endeavors. Maybe I hang out with too many degenerate law students, I don't know, but the idea of having a spring break again, returning to Mardi Gras, sleeping past 7 am and more time for reading and writing truly excites me. So....I'm still planning a move to NYC for a year, if things go well i'll abandon my GRE books and apps, but if I'm still itching to regain the craziness of my undergrad years I will send in the applications and hope for the best. I've always wanted to go to Miami because it has an awesome cmst dept, but in reality my grades sucked even if they were from Vanderbilt. I probably would do shitty on the GRE as well since I have done nothing but binge drink over the past two years. I read and write a lot, but math, forget it. So I'm looking up crappy schools in cities that seem fun to live in with a lot of media jobs. Any suggestions? I'm thinking Florida or DC, and New Orleans which I loved but probably all the schools are dead. I also need advise on the GRE--books/classes??? I don't know what I need to be doing at this point, I've got about a year till apps are due. And if I fail, I can try again the next year, I'm never going to be an adult, I swear!!!
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